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About this site

Perhaps you're an artist, artisan or crafter wanting to promote and sell your unique items. Well, here's a promotional and selling tool that promotes your items, not itself!

The system leverages social media and search engines. So, whether this site has 1 item or a million, 1 visitor or a billion, your item gets promoted onto sites with vast numbers of viewers.

It can't be stressed enough: due to its technology and promotional philosophy, the number of vendors and the popularity of this site are irrelevant to the successful promotion of your unique items.

The system got my site, my FB page and my hand crafted wooden items to the top of the search result on Google and Bing! I couldn't be more pleased.
Carl Wood
Woody's Woodwork
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How it works

For buyers and patrons

Simply find what you want and buy it. You can pay with Paypal or a card.

For artists and crafters

Once you've registered, added your logo and a few more details:
For each of your unique items ...

  1. Create an object listing by entering a description, price and uploading photos.
    • Upload once and the item's listing will be automatically shared to any twitter accounts and blogs that you've connected.
      • Don't worry if you have few twitter followers: automated posts that use the day's hashtags will continue until the item is sold. The day's hashtags increase the potential audience from just your followers to the vaste numbers of people seeing the day's hashtags.
      • We can't force people to buy your item so make sure it's supported with some excellent pictures, a competetive price and a simple, honest description backed up with great service.
    • Tip: Create a facebook page for your items and connect twitter to that page. Invite friends and family to like and share that facebook page.
    • The system will help spread the word by posting to Ikonit's own twitter, facebook and blog feeds.
  2. Grab the link and share it on any other social media platforms. It all helps promote the item.
  3. Additional promotion

    As well as item's images and description being automatically tweeted when available, there's a free twitter promotional tool for sellers. You can promote your business, any special events or deals. Functions include: scheduled tweeting, attaching images, automatic day's hashtags attachment, twitter card detection etc. with up to 4 campaigns on the go at once.

  4. That's it. Sign up then get creating!



We currently use Paypal to clear cards or let customers pay via their Paypal account. Their security is among the best on the planet and their fees are explained on paypal.co.uk. (As I type the fees are 3.4% + 20p)
We pay out using Paypal unless by special arrangement and their payout fees are: 2% of the amount with a cap of £ 14

(Any suggestions on ways to lower the clearing and payout fees with a highly secure interface welcome.)

ikonit's shop

Posting listings is free for the time being.
When an item is sold the fees are: a flat fee of 5p per item sold plus 1.5% of the amount charged (waived for charities and start-ups supported by Universal Credit).

The amount owed to a member might not be available immediately depending on how the customer paid. Members have access to a ledger that shows all the payments and fees and when payouts are due.

Get in touch with any
questions, suggestions etc.

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