April 2018

About this site

Perhaps you're an artist, artisan or crafter wanting to promote and sell your unique one-off items who's not quite ready for, or doesn't really need, an expensive e-commerce site with all the bells and whistles.
Well, here's a promotional tool for you to help bring you together with customers who might love your work. Quickly create lisings and share links to social media (like turning facebook into your shop window), get paid via Paypal account (coming soon) and, best of all, no fees.

How it works

For buyers and patrons

Find what you want and click 'contact vendor' or, if available, 'buy it now' to be checked out via Paypal. You don't need a paypal account.

For vendors

Once you've registered, added your logo and a few more details:
For each of your unique one-off items ...

  1. Create an object listing by entering a description, price and uploading photos.
  2. Then grab the link and share it on facebook, twitter, etc. That's it.
    The system will also spread the word by posting it to our social media & affilliate blogs.
    Your linked page is built in such a way that all you need to do is post some text and the link and facebook and twitter will 'automatically' display your item's photo. (No need to upload images again.)

You can add links to your blog, if you have one, and even provide a 'shop window' link so people can browse your items.

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