Programmer, Website builder, IT Consultant.


Gary's programming career began when, after two weeks of training, he was thrown in at the deep end and given the job to computerise Thomas Cook's ticket booking and accounting systems. That was on a DEC PDP11 back in 1980s!

There followed a string of accounting, payroll, stock control and order processing systems all in Basic on CPM. These annoyed him so he built Uneek; a 3GL system which allowed none-programmers to build their own systems using IBM PCs.

After selling Uneek he worked as a contract programmer. One "noteable" contract was writing firmware / embedded software for modems and multiplexers at Craycom. The work was low level, Z80, 8080 and 8086 assembler, with PC based STC PDMX network management systems written in C. Here he worked closely with electronic designers and enjoyed some of the most professionally challenging and fulfilling of times.

As a contract programmer Gary worked on numerous systems including Chase Manhattan Bank's money transfer system, Aptech's voice recognition and screen reader system and 'Shadow', a system allowing blind telephone operators to process customer support calls.

In 1996 Yellow Pages produced an atrocious magnificent click driven business directory that annoyed thrilled Gary so much that he built a text / keyword driven search engine in C, raised £6.2 million and co-founded Askalix, now trading as He was Technical Director and Managing Director winning the Deloitte & Touche Fast Fifty Award two years running before giving up his interest in Askalix in 2005.

Gary spent years as an IT / Business Consultant being 'parachuted' into ailing businesses but never lost his love of programming and continued to develop an Augmented Reality platform, which was launched around 2014. Some ill-advised partnering decisions meant that frustration at producing award winning software for an underperforming sales team, along with poor health, had Gary leaving in mid 2016 to concentrate on pure programming and web based projects.

Which is what he's doing now. "It's the best of both worlds," he says. "I get to geek out building websites, doing my programming as well as help people and businesses by making sense of the web and IT in general."
"And," he continues, "I've made some good friends on the way."

Project types list

Image library, Arts & Crafts promoton tool, Blockchain (legal document distribution and smart contracts), Distributed Social Networking, MVC Framework, Property Listing Service, Augmented Reality, SEO Well, Business Directory, CMS, Tele-sales / marketing, Email marketing, Forest management, 3D Printing, Voice recognition, Screen Reader, Vector Font builder, spell checker, Database design, e-commerce, 3GL Language design, Accounts, Payroll, Stock control, Order processing, project management, cutting and scrap management, PDMX Network Manager, Basic Compiler, Stat-mux firmware, modem firmware, Craycom PDMX firmware, compiler library, Banking - money transfer, MOD - comms.

Skills summary

Current: Node.js, Docker, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, XML, JSON, MySQL/MySQLi, WebSockets, ikonMVC, Bitbucket, business strategies, e-commerce, copywriting.
Recent: Objective-C, Android-Java, OpenGL, Xcode, Eclipse, CakePHP, Laravel, wooCommerce, Google Maps API, Bing Maps API, Git, CEO.
Past: C (M-Soft / Visual / Lattice / Borland), C-Embedded, MASM, 86-ASM, Z80, 8080, MICE, ICE, PLCs, M68000, STC PDMX, STK200, technical director, managing director.

Links to some past projects

Social networkArts & crafts promotionBusiness directoryPropertyAugmented realityExpametPDMX management


Patient, friendly, down to earth, relaxed, non-judgemental, logical, diligent and conscientiousness.

Spare time

Writing (two books so far; Nurse Becky Gets Shot and The Ardly Effect ), reading, walking / hobbling. And, in 2010, he sold some of these cartoons into some Sci Fi mags and ezines. IKR!

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